I recently made a trip to Disneyland Paris and all I can say is that the post-Disney blues have well and truly kicked in. Scott and I had been wanting to go for ages and now we are wanting to return again as soon as possible… we’re obsessed! Neither of us had been since we were a bit younger so it was amazing to go and see what it’s like as an adult. I am a real believer that Disney is not just for little kids!


We were there for 3 nights/4 days staying at the Kyriad Hotel which is one of the Disney partner hotels which is a short 5/10 minute free shuttle bus from the parks. We also travelled direct from Aberdeen on the early 6am flight to Paris (it was a long day) and jumped on the Magic Shuttle bus which took us straight to the Kyriad in about 45 minutes. It was great getting the early flight as we then had a full day in the parks!

The Kyriad Hotel was very practical in the sense that it was close to the parks and was a very good price for the time we were staying there. Apart from that, I wouldn’t stay there again at this time of year… the room was absolutely boiling the whole time as I was told when I phoned down to reception to ask why the air con was not switching on that they do not put on any of the air con vents until June as it is not hot enough… even though it was about 28 degrees outside! I was then told to just open the window (once again, it was warm outside so that did no good). So apart from feeling like we were melting, the hotel was fine and we could deal with it as we didn’t spend that much time in the room anyway! So enough of the negatives… onto Disney!


There are two parks; Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. We decided to head to Disneyland Park first! The entrance to the park is unbelievably beautiful as you enter by going under the Disneyland Hotel which is stunning, I really hope I can stay there one day. Once you are in it’s so surreal seeing Sleeping Beauty’s castle as it just brings back so many memories as a kid. It sounds super cringe but it’s honestly the most magical, happy place ever!


Scott had been so excited to go on Buzz Lightyears Lazer Blast so we headed straight for there in Discovery Land. This ride is basically one where you shoot your lazer onto the targets to gain points (and defeat evil Emperor Zurg). I won the first time but unfortunately Scott managed to beat me every time after… not bitter at all.


Straight after this, Scott was feeling rather brave and thought it was time to give Hyperspace Mountain a go. Unknown to him it was probably the most intense ride at Disney and ended up traumatising him for the rest of the trip…

I’m thinking about doing a separate post of my favourite rides/attractions and food places in Disneyland Paris so keep an eye out for that if you would like to know the finer details!

Before we went on this trip we made a rough plan of what we wanted to do each day but of course we knew we were going to go off plan at some points. I think it’s good to have a plan before you go as this is a great way to make sure you manage to do everything you wanted to do! We actually discussed having a shopping day at Val d’Europe at some point during the trip and possibly heading into Paris for an explore but we genuinely just got carried away in Disney and wanted to spend all of our time there. We hardly even ate at sit down restaurants as we just wanted to get going again and go on all the rides (as you may have guessed by now we literally became big kids for 4 days).


Another thing I would recommend doing (and something that I would definitely do next time) is saving up that extra bit of money and staying on-site at a Disney hotel! I once stayed at Hotel New York which is within walking distance from the parks which means you won’t have to wait for shuttle busses! This really does come in handy when you stay to watch the night time firework show as the crowds leaving the park to wait for a bus back to their hotel is unbelievable, it’s an absolute SHAMBLES. Also if you encounter a huge thunder storm which we were unfortunately caught in the first night and again, the wait for shuttle busses in the rain is something you don’t need in your life.


One thing I must say I really enjoyed doing this time at Disney was literally just walking around each part of the parks and being able to see things that if you were rushing about you may miss! There’s so much detail put into everything at Disney and it’s honestly something that I would totally recommend just taking the time out of your day to stroll around and take it all in!

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One last thing (as I could actually blab on forever about Disney) is to make sure you definitely try get a good spot for the night time firework show about at least an hour before in the busier months as it’s honestly incredible. The first night we tried to watch it we ended up getting a really bad spot quite far back and couldn’t see much! However, on our last night we made sure we got a great spot in which we did! We managed to get near the front but slightly to the side of the castle and everyone was sitting down meaning we could see the whole show so clearly and it was so surreal. Not going to lie, I actually did get slightly emotional… it was the best end to the trip!


I filmed our whole trip so I’d love for you to go check out my vlog over on my channel! I’m very new to the whole YouTube world so I’d appreciate so much if you subscribed and left me a comment, a like… Basically would just love to know what you think! – DISNEYLAND VLOG

Thanks so much for reading and SORRY if it was a bit of a ramble (Disney just does that to me) and make sure you stay tuned for more Disney posts!

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