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Hello and welcome back to my blog! It’s been a while since my last post but I’m hoping to get back into posting more in the next few weeks, stay tuned…

I’ve been hearing such great things recently about Bobbi Brown’s skincare range and I couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon. I purchased a few things over on the website and have been trying them out so thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions on the products I got!


The first two products I knew I wanted to try were the Hydrating Face Cream and Vitamin Enriched Face Base. As these are quite pricey, thankfully they had just released Bobbi Brown ‘To Go’ which are a much smaller, travel size products so I could try them out and if I liked them I would go ahead and splurge on the full size.


The Hydrating Face Cream is claimed to be for people that have normal to extra dry skin types. I actually never know what skin type I have due to the fact that some days it can be oily and sometimes I can have a few dry areas. This cream is also suggested for anyone wanting to hydrate thirsty skin which is exactly what I need for when my skin is going through a dry stage! It’s very lightweight and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and moisturised, also feels like an amazing base for makeup. I’ve been using this morning and night after cleansing and have seen such a difference in how soft my skin is. Another great thing about this product is that a small amount goes a long way so even though it’s quite pricey you get a lot of use out of it! Think it’s obvious that I’ll be purchasing the full size product soon…


The Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a moisturising primer for people that have normal to oily skin types. It has an oil-free formula which hydrates the skin whilst leaving it nice and soft for makeup application. When I first used this I immediately noticed the refreshing smell which I absolutely love. It’s such a nice product to use in the morning before you put on your makeup as it really does wake you up and makes your skin feel so refreshed (which is exactly what you want during those early mornings)… Just like the Hydrating Face Cream, a little goes a long way so once again I feel like the price point will be worth paying as it should last you a long time. As far as primers go, it definitely did the job keeping my makeup in place most of the day but I would recommend mixing in a pore refining/matte primer if you tend to get really oily throughout the day.



The Instant Detox mask is a product I’ve heard SO much about and I couldn’t wait to try it out. This mask is for all skin types and in particular anyone who is looking for a bit of a deeper clean! On the website it claims to remove impurities, pollutants and ex-cess oil from pores, leaving the skin looking instantly healthier and cleaner. It is recommended to be used once a week or as often as needed. I like to use it on Sunday nights to get my skin all refreshed and clean for the week ahead! It’s a clay-based formula with a blend of Hawaiian sea water and Amazonian white clay (sounds good doesn’t it) which helps to un-clog pores which is something I noticed straight away when I first used it. You leave it on for 2-5 minutes and during this time it really feel tight on your skin so you definitely know it’s working. After the time is up, you simply just wash it off with warm water and you literally will have the most softest, hydrated, un-clogged skin ever (trust me).


The two free samples I got were the Hydrating Face Tonic which is so nice when applied after cleansing as it leaves your skin super soft. It also smells so refreshing which I think is something I love throughout all these products I bought! The other sample I went for was the Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector which is great at blurring the skin and minimising pores. I like this paired with the Vitamin Face Base!

Thank you so much for reading and if you’ve tried out any Bobbi Brown skincare products before please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of it! 




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