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After a super long week at work (I’m a waitress) I was so excited to go out for yummy food and be the customer for once. Scott and I have been to No.10 before and LOVED it so we were keen to return as we knew we would be in for a lovely night.

After walking up the full length of Union Street (much longer than I expected) my feet were about to fall off so I was delighted to see the bright lights of No.10. The place itself reminds me of Edinburgh as you have to walk down the stairs to enter the bar and restaurant. I absolutely love Edinburgh so anything that slightly reminds me of it is great.

Also I’m a HUGE fan of the fairy lights…

As you walk in, you enter the bar area which always has such a great buzz about it. We went straight through to the restaurant where we were seated straight away. It’s a very relaxed and chilled environment which is perfect for couples or groups of friends! There’s also a private dining room which looks amazing.




I went straight for the cocktail menu and ordered the House of Elrick Gin Bramble (I highly recommend this if you love gin!) and it was so good. The Gin Fusion also looks good but I didn’t get round to giving it a go, good excuse to go back…


Now onto the food… Their menu is known to be inspired by classic brasserie cooking with a major focus on local, seasonal produce. I normally always go for the same food but I keep telling myself I need to venture out and try different dishes… I’m sorry to disappoint but there was no venturing out this time, I was too hungry to take that risk!!!

For starters I had the Crispy Haggis Bon Bons which are always a winner. I never used to like haggis (aka I never wanted to try it) but I absolutely love it now. Scott went for the Pan Seared Shetland King Scallops which he always tends to go for and of course I had to steal a bit of one…

For mains, I went for the No.10 Beer Battered Haddock and if you know me well you will NOT be surprised by this decision… The fish was super soft and it was all just so good. Scott went for a Fillet Steak and once again, this is also a standard choice by him. (Hi, Scott here, the steak was deeeee-liiiiiiiic-iouuuus).

After a short time contemplating about if we had enough room for dessert or not, we of course found some room.


I went for the Sticky Toffee Pudding which is an absolute classic and I will always make sure I have it and Scott went for the Dark Chocolate Brownie. These were both lovely and finished off the meal perfectly.


We also thought we would try out some Teasmith Gin which is a new premium Scottish gin which is distilled with hand-picked tea! It was lovely, I highly recommend it.


Also a special mention to how nice the toilets are… 

Overall, I highly recommend this place for anyone in Aberdeen who is looking for a nice wee chilled night with amazing food and cocktails. I hope to go back soon to actually venture out and try something different (and to try more cocktails). Visit their website here to book a table!


Thanks so much for reading and let me know in the comments if you have been before! 

Love, Jess x


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