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Hello and welcome back to my blog (sorry it’s been a while…) and what better way to return to the blog with a Lush post?! Lush seems to be one of those well loved brands which never fail to impress with their endless amounts of bath bombs and skin care goodness. I’ve been so eager to try out new products lately and was so excited to head into Lush to see what I could pick up! I got a few things, some that I have tried different flavours of before and some were completely new products to me that I have heard so many great things about.


The most important thing I must mention about Lush is the amazing, friendly staff that greet you as soon as you enter any Lush shop. They are so super helpful and make sure you find exactly what you want (shoutout to the staff in the Aberdeen store)!


One of the first products I was drawn to was the Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. I’ve been seeing so many amazing reviews on this cleanser and I literally got home the day I bought it and used it straight away. It genuinely leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and smooth. I felt like a new woman!!!

I then picked up the Vanishing Cream Moisturiser. I was sold when I read on the label that it’s their best selling moisturiser. The consistency is very light, smooth and thin so it definitely doesn’t feel too thick when you apply it. I used this after I used the Ultrabland Cleanser and it really sunk into my skin and left it looking extremely fresh. It says it’s wonderful on oily skin and is really good under make-up!

I also picked up the Popcorn Lip Scrub which is a product I’ve tried before but in the flavour bubblegum. I absolutely love love love lip scrubs, especially before applying liquid lipsticks as it just gets rid of any dry skin and leaves such a smooth base. I thought I’d give another flavour a go and I do love a bit of popcorn so went for this one! The scrub itself is very gritty which is perfect (and what you would expect from a scrub) for getting your lips feeling brand new. They also taste unreal and have popping candy as one of the ingredients… I can’t recommend these enough!


To go along with the lip scrub I picked up the Honey Trap Lip Balm. Just as you would expect a lip balm to be, it is very moisturising and smells unreal. I love lip balms, especially during the colder months because my lips can get so dry and it’s just something no one needs in their life!


I couldn’t go into Lush and not pick up some bath bombs… I got Intergalactic which has a mix of peppermint and popping candy scents and makes your bath turn into a vibrant galaxy! The other one I got is Ickle Baby Bot which I just needed in my life as soon as I read that it helps you relax and prepares you for sleep. It’s actually designed for babies but if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me!

The last product I got was actually one that I noticed at the till which is Lush’s Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion. For every pot sold, Lush donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organisations to help them continue the wonderful work they do. The charities Lush support tie in with the brands ethics; environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. I picked up the one that said Ibiza Cats on it as I love both Ibiza and cats… so had to support!

For more information (prices etc) on all of these products, please follow the links to the Lush website or I’d totally recommend going into your local store and having a chat with the staff as they are always more than willing to help!

Thanks so much for reading and I’d love to here about some Lush products you’ve been loving or even anything similar to the products above, make sure to leave a comment or come chat to me on twitter!

Love, Jess x


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