November is passing by super quickly and as the days get colder, I’m starting to feel more and more Christmassy! As people are starting to think about putting up their decorations, I thought I’d make a trip to Raemoir Garden Centre in Banchory to see what Christmassy goodness they had to offer. I feel that garden centres are normally quite wild with their Christmas displays… I was not wrong! I hope the following pictures provide some inspiration for when you’re decorating and just makes you excited for the festive season!


As soon as you enter the centre, this is what you’re greeted with! I definitely knew I was in for a treat when I saw this…


I could’ve spent all day here just looking at everything. I hope that when I eventually have my own home that whoever created these displays can come round and decorate every single room because they are all perfect!

Christmas tree goals… These have definitely been decorated by a pro. My Christmas tree at home is full of mismatched baubles ranging from a 1998 homemade decorated biscuit made by myself at nursery (the biscuit still remains to be in good form and not moldy… unsure how) to very stylish M&S sparkly decorations. I like it this way as every bauble we have has a memory and every year we can relive these memories when we put it up! Cute, I know…




As you can see, they have definitely gone wild for Christmas…

I am yet to decorate and put up my tree this year but when I do, these displays have definitely inspired me and also encouraged me to purchase a few other additions to my current decoration collection.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this post has made you feel Christmassy (and sorry to any Scrooges out there, I hope this encourages you to like Christmas…) and please make sure you make a visit to Raemoir Garden Centre to check out all these displays for yourself! You will not be disappointed.

Love Jess x



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