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As I’m a huge Liz Earle fan, (check out my previous post on the current Liz Earle products I use and love here) I decided to try out a few of the new Superskin products. One of them being the Superskin Overnight Mask!


This product is very luxurious and feels amazing on the skin. It is recommended to be used 1 to 2 times a week (I started to use it every night by accident, I now know not to…) It is very thick which is perfect for an overnight cream and therefore feels extremely moisturising. The mask is meant to leave you waking up with younger, brighter skin in which it does! At £42, you really do expect something special and I was not disappointed.

The next product I tried is the Superskin Face Serum!


This product is recommended to be used within your morning skincare routine (once again, I just assumed it would be best to use it at night… I guess either is fine!) It proves to do three things; evens out skin tone, lifts/firms and smooths the skin. I really did notice the serum removing signs of fatigue the most during them early mornings! This retails at £48 for a 30ml pump however, I currently only have a small sample size and definitely considering purchasing the full product!

The final product I have been using is the Superskin Body Cream!


This product is packed full of natural ingredients such as shea butter, organic rosehip oil and neroli oil (basically says its formulated with 25% plant oils which makes it Liz Earle’s most intensive body moisturiser ever). It really does help the skin stay smooth and youthful-looking. I like to apply this once I’m out the shower and especially before I fake tan for smoother application!  This retails at £33 for a 200ml tube.

I highly recommend this range if you’re into skincare and like to splash out on some high quality, luxurious products! My house still continues to be like a Liz Earle shop with a growing product range… Can’t live without it!

Thanks for reading!

Love Jess x

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