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The perfect thing to do during a very busy weekend in London and have left yourself hardly any time at all to get ready for a night out?! Get a blow dry, just do it; it will decrease your stress levels… believe me (especially if you have long/thick hair that has a mind of its own).

My friend and I booked in a Hershesons Blow Dry Bar in Topshop, Oxford Circus. Perfect location as a lot of shopping was being done…

The girls at Hershesons were absolutely lovely and listened to exactly how we wanted our hair. There were 10 styles to choose from; either full on bouncy blow dries, smooth and wavy styles to even up do’s and braids. It was recommended that I went for a smooth wavy style as I have thick, long hair and this style would hold longest (it lasted for 4 days and kept its curl)!


The tongs that were used on my hair were the Tourmaline Professional Waving Tong’s. I was amazed at how quickly my hair was done but it did not seemed rushed at all.

I was so pleased with the outcome and felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders as the dreaded thought of having to go back and wash and curl it myself which would have taken twice as long was no longer necessary!

I highly recommend this blow dry bar in London for a quick fix and to save you so much time getting ready, also I could have never gotten my hair to look that nice myself… it was worth every penny (Β£28 to be exact).

Thanks for reading!

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