Autumn is by far one of my favourite seasons. It’s when it becomes acceptable to wear huge, oversized wooly jumpers, drink endless amounts of hot drinks (in particular pumpkin spiced latte’s, which i’m yet to try…) and to dress up as something horrific at Halloween.

In celebration of Autumn finally approaching, here are my top 5 Autumn faves!


Turtle neck jumpers are life when it’s cold. I pretty much lived in them last Autumn/Winter and I plan to do the same this year. They are perfect for all occasions as you can dress them up and dress them down (aka wear them to slouch around the house in). I bought a new turtle neck the other week while I was in London and I cannot wait to wear it. It’s from Miss Selfridge and was Ā£25 – check it out here!


Miss Selfridge actually have quite a lot of nice jumpers in at the moment, these are a few of my favourites which I hope to purchase soon; Grey Chucky Neck Knitted Jumper, Burgundy Funnel Neck Knitted Jumper and the Pink Stripe Turtle Neck Top.


Autumn colours are amazing. For everything in life. From lipstick colour to clothing to even hair colour. My all time favourite Autumnal colour is burgundy. I’m pretty sure I manage to incorporate that colour into every part of my life in Autumn. My favourite burgundy lipstick is by Estee Lauder in the shade ‘230 – Commanding’ which is part of the Pure Colour Envy Matte range.

(I can’t find this exact shade anymore but check out the others here!)



Halloween is always fun. My friends and I have previously all dressed up as different coloured crayons, dead disney/childhood favourite characters and cats, dogs and hoovers… so scary, I know.

Another part of Halloween I love is pumpkin carving. I’d say my carving of Olaf is my best to date…


I also love scary films. Yes, I do get very scared while watching them (do not watch The Visit, just don’t do it…) but I just need to see what happens. Films such as the Saw series don’t tend to scare me, but when demons/ghosts get involved; a tear may be shed…


Who doesn’t love fireworks and sparklers (apart from most animals)?! They are so pretty and I can’t wait to get a huge stash of sparklers. So if you don’t hear from me in a while, I guess you’ll find me in my back garden just lighting sparklers on repeat…


My last favourite is of course, my birthday. My birthday is on the 2nd of October so is a very Autumnal birthday. I am currently 21 years old, approaching 22 next month. Although, straight after my birthday I will be going to see Justin Bieber again in London and this just steals all the excitement away from my birthday; thanks JB x


I’d love to hear your Autumn favourites in the comments below or feel free to Tweet me – @jessiicacook

Thanks for reading!

It’s a Jess Thing x


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