At the end of August, Scott and I went down to London for V Festival! We stayed in central London (check out my other blog posts from that weekend here: The Ivy, Citizen M and Carnaby Street reviews) as we decided not to camp at the site in Chelmsford (nothing wrong with camping but the option to go back to a huge bed and a shower was too good to turn down).


The festival kicked off on Saturday the 20th of August. When we arrived, we were greeted with crowds off people (many that were already intoxicated) and huuuuuuge queues for buying drink. Yes, we waited over 30 minutes for vodka red bulls… it was worth it.

As the day went on we saw acts including MK, Rick Astley (yes, you read correct, never gonna give you up never gonna let you downnnn), Troye Sivan, Stormzy, Tinie Tempah, JoJo (childhood hero!), Sia, and the final act of the day… Justin Bieber.


Justin Bieber was amazing and this could be because I was very drunk off the numerous bottles of wine… But I genuinely was loving life. Always been a big fan of Bieber, despite the judgement I may have gotten along the way. I later saw a lot of criticism on his performance at V that he wasn’t singing live and he appeared to be hungover but what 22 year old hasn’t experienced a day of the hang (comment below if you agree that hangovers get worse with age…).

Once Justin Bieber finished his set, crowds of people were getting directed in all sorts of directions to exit the site. However, once we managed to get out, the taxi wait was over 3 hours long (and this was if you had booked one in advance). Thankfully we managed to sweet talk a taxi driver in letting us join a group of other people who booked the taxi to the train station; absolute stars. We finally made it back to central London and with two tube lines becoming 24/7 that weekend, we were able to get back safe and sound!

Then came Sunday the 22nd of August, second and last day of V Fest. We both treated our hangovers with a Five Guys and got on our way to Essex. We ditched the long queues for booze and really spent time taking in the sunny weather and amazing atmosphere at V. We sat at the main stage for the majority of time we were there and saw Years and Years and Little Mix. Yes, we couldn’t hack the tiredness any longer and had to bail early meaning we missed Rihanna!

Thankfully as we left earlier, we weren’t faced with the crazy wait times for taxi’s and got one straight away…

To sum up V Festival, it was absolutely amazing and thankfully the weather was reasonably nice the whole time. However, it could’ve been organised slightly better with the huge queues and wait times!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve been to any festivals this summer in the comments below.

It’s a Jess Thing xย 

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