While looking for something quick to do while we waited to get our flight home to Aberdeen, we came across the quirky street of Carnaby! I have always loved walking down this street as it has endless amounts of independent boutiques.

A shop that caught our eyes was called We Build This City. The shop is filled with unique bits and bobs that reflect the creative side of London. The shop is essentially “revolutionising London souvenirs” – We Built This City.

As soon as we walked in, I fell instantly in love with the pictures on the wall… Sadly, we had no room in our luggage to purchase any! We noticed that all the pictures were unique and through researching the shop, We Built This City want to help passionate artists/creatives around London by giving them the platform to showcase and sell their work.

I highly recommend if you’re down Soho end of London that you visit this shop (and make sure you have room in your bag for these amazing souvenirs if you’re visiting the city). Check out their Instagram (@wbtclondon) to see all the creative goodness!

The rest of Carnaby St/Soho area also ooze creative goodness through it’s bright buildings and hidden gems! Here’s some snaps…


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It’s a Jess Thing x


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