Last year my boyfriend and I set off on our first holiday together to the beautiful Greek island of Crete. Our Greek adventure was too picturesque not to write a blog post on…

We stayed at SENTIDO Elounda Blu which is situated right on the gulf of Elounda. We were completely sold on this hotel as soon as we saw pictures of the views and we could not wait to experience this with our very own eyes!


As we arrived very late at night we could not see much of the view (plus being extremely exhausted due to the hours of traveling, our vision was blurry…). When we woke up on our first day we opened our curtains to see the stunning view of Elounda’s bay and completely clear blue skies (picture above). It literally looked like a painted picture and exactly how it is advertised on websites!

As the hotel is situated on a very steep hill there are golf buggies that do regular trips up and down from room to room which is very handy (plus the heat does not make this walk any easier!) At the bottom of the hill there is a private beach and beach bar exclusively for hotel guests only. As the hotel is all inclusive, the drinks are all free (the cocktails are amazing, highly recommend the tequila sunrise and tequila sunset). The pictures below show our regular spot on the beach which we actually preferred than sitting at the pool. There was nothing wrong with the pool but due to there not being a large amounts of sunbeds, they were usually all taken up by the time we decided to finally wake up (I blame this on the tequila cocktails…)

The beach was absolutely lovely. Peaceful and quiet with the perfect breeze now and again to cool us down. The only downside to it (and this is in no way anyone’s fault, just a natural occurrence…) that because it was a stone based beach it was VERY sore on the feet trying to get into the sea! However, the pain was worth it as once you were in the sea it was perfect temperature and hardly any waves.

As this was basically just a chill holiday, we did not do that much… but what’s wrong with that?! However, one thing we did do was hire a boat. Just to the side of the private beach there was a few boats that floated there daily. We finally built up the courage to give it a go and take it out for a spin. Unknown to us, no one comes out with you, no boat professional, no driver… just you and the boat. Although we were given a classic Nokia 3210 just in case we ran into any trouble out at sea. We got off to a shaky start (probably because I was behind the wheel) but we soon got the hang of it. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend doing it!

After a long day in the sun, Blu bar is the place to be. From amazing cocktails to unbelievable views of the moon reflecting across the bay, it really is the perfect date night spot.

There are three restaurants within the hotel; the main restaurant area which is a part of the all inclusive deal, the Grill which is AMAZING but is only open from 12-4 and you have to pay for any food from there but it is completely worth it (the toastie or burger was personal faves of mine) and the last restaurant is called Yellow Sea which is a Polynesian restaurant which offers various Asian dishes.

For the Yellow Sea restaurant it is required that you book in advance due to popularity. We had no trouble booking for when we went and it was a fantastic night with (again) unreal views and spot on grub!

Overall, our week spent at this beautiful hotel was amazing and I would highly recommend this spot to anyone who is looking for the ultimate chill holiday with added spectacular views, constant sun and great variety of food and drinks.

Thanks Elounda Blu!

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9 thoughts on “ELOUNDA BLUES

  1. As you were after a chill out holiday you probably wouldn’t want many trips out, so perhaps bus into Agios Nikolaos one morning for a stroll around and coffee by the lake. Then on another day, go back after your dinner (taxis would not cost much) for another stroll as it looks magical at night. You didn’t mention a trip into the village of Elounda, it has a pretty harbour and you can get a land train along the cost to Plaka and then a boat trip to Spinalonga…. almost compulsory if you stay in Elounda! Finally, from Agios Nikolaos you could take a trip to my traditional village, Kritsa via bus, taxi or land train. We’d love to see you. X


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