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Perfect way to spend a day off? Go down to St Andrews for numerous gin concoctions…

Eden Mill is Scotland’s first combined brewery and distillery situated in the golf capital of the world – St Andrews. With a lovely view across the Old Course and a thirst for gin, how could I resist this gin tasting extravaganza?


Once my boyfriend, Scott and I finally found the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel (this is where the Eden Mill store/gin tasting takes place) which is not difficult to find but we are notorious for lacking sense of direction… We were greeted by a very friendly guy who seemed just as enthusiastic about gin as we are!

We got sat in front of six different shots of Eden Mill gin, three different mixers and numerous garnishes. As the tasting got underway, we got told what combinations make the tastiest tipple;

  • Golf Gin  + Tonic Water + Basil leaves = Classic G&T
  • Love Gin + Rose Lemonade + Frozen raspberries = A very fruity finish (personal fave!)
  • Oak Gin + Ginger Beer + Frozen orange = Warming combination, perfect winter drink
  • Hop Gin + Tonic Water + Slice of chilli = Packs a punch, one for the spice lovers…

Throughout the course of the tasting (and whilst getting slightly tipsy) we learnt about the history of Eden Mill as well as gin.

To finish off the tasting we got to try Eden Mill‘s newest offerings, the gin cocktails. Berry Bramble is a delightful mix of Love Gin, fresh berries and elderflower. This combination was a clear winner in my eyes due to the fruity finish. Basil Smash is an interesting mix of Hop Gin, basil, watermelon and lime. At first I was hesitant by the smell of freshly cut grass but was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing taste! 


I would highly recommend this tasting experience as it is the perfect balance between learning and loving gin! – Don’t worry, you will still be able to walk (just…) after the generous servings provided.

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